Journal Papers

차량진입이 지하주차장 내 입구영역에서의 미세먼지 거동에 미치는 영향
정창호, 설비공학논문집, 35(11), 2023.
Feasibility and optimization structure analysis on heat pump assisted desiccant cooling systems under dynamic conditions
Shuo Liu, Chang-Ho Jeong and Myoung-Souk Yeo, Applied Thermal Engineering, V.214, 2022.
Field study of heat pump-assisted hybrid desiccant cooling system for thermal environment control and energy consumption under different load patterns
Shuo Liu, Se-jin Lee, Chang-Ho Jeong and Myoung-Souk Yeo, Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, V.36, 2022.
Energy Savings of Simultaneous Heating and Cooling System According to Indoor Set Temperature Changes in the Comfort Range
Dae-Uk Shin and Chang-Ho Jeong, Energies, 14(22), 2021
Effect of Evaporator Position on Heat Pump Assisted Solid Desiccant Cooling Systems
Shuo Liu, Chang-Ho Jeong and Myoung-Souk Yeo, Energies, 13(22), 2020.